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“il posto piú bello del mondo”


Head of Development and Entertainment

If we spoke anytime between December and May, you probably heard me talk about this trip to Italy. I talked about it so much, a gentleman approached me at Lowe’s asking how excited I was about my trip. I felt bad for not remembering his name, but to my relief, his wife had mentioned it to him. I can’t confirm, but I am 99% sure the Botanic team was keeping a tally on how many times I brought up this trip. I guarantee they were more excited about not hearing about it than they were anything else. Jokes on them though—when I come back, the only change will be talking from future to past tense.

For those of you that evaded my excitement, I have been dreaming of this trip since high school. The dream hit paper last December, and I was set to leave May 15th. My goal for this trip has been to grow as a person, which later evolved into a learning opportunity that I could apply to my role at Botanic. Now I am constantly taking notes on all the amazing things I have been fortunate enough to try. Through this newsletter, I want to share with you all the things that have stood out most.

Kennedy, our lead server, has come to stay with me for a few weeks, and since he has joined me, we have taken trains and boats to Lake Como, Venice, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast. I haven’t left one of these cities without feeling totally astonished. Each is special in its own way; I could go on and on, but the destination that has jumped to the top of my list is on the Amalfi Coast. Next week, I’ll tell you all about the town of Praiano and the dynamite couple in their eighties who created “il posto piú bello del mondo”—the most beautiful place in the world!

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