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With such a short time to admire fresh cut flowers, we find ourselves looking for a long-lasting alternative that conveys the same sentiment for Valentine’s Day! We’ve gathered our top 5 plants from the Greenhouse that make a thoughtful gift with symbolism to fit the holiday. Find the perfect match for your valentine below!

#5 Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulbs, given as a Valentine’s gift, are a confident expression of love and appreciation. With proper care—bright light, well-draining soil, and periodic watering—these resilient bulbs yield striking blossoms year after year, symbolizing a lasting and regenerative expression of commitment.

#4 Pothos

Probably an unexpected alternative, Pothos makes a cheerful Valentine’s Day gift for plant enthusiasts growing their houseplant collection. Symbolizing enduring love and prosperity, its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines bring a positive energy to any space. Thriving in indirect light with minimal care needed, Pothos is a considerate gift they can admire all year.

#3 Chinese Evergreen

Resilient as steel, the Chinese Evergreen is a great gift for a beginning gardener looking for a showstopper. With its lush, variegated leaves and low-maintenance nature, it adds a touch of natural elegance to any room. Thriving in low light, it represents lasting commitment and brings a sense of tranquility, making it a thoughtful and cherished present.

#2 Camellia Japonica

This plant is a perfect gift for a classic Southern lady. Camellia japonica, the Japanese camellia, boasts elegant, long-lasting blooms matched with glossy evergreen foliage creating year-round beauty. Each color expresses a different sentiment: white for care, pink for adoration, and red for romance. Adaptable and resilient, this plant thrives in diverse conditions, making it a cherished and enduring addition to gardens.

#1 Lenten Rose

This plant is for soulmates. Plant it together in your garden bed and watch it rebloom in time for Valentine’s Day each year. Lenten Rose (Helleborus) is a unique Valentine’s gift, symbolizing lasting love and resilience. Its early bloom, featuring charming, nodding flowers in various colors, signifies hope and rebirth. Thriving in partial shade with well-drained soil, this perennial endures winter, echoing the enduring nature of affection.

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